Let the FUN Begin!

High school football season will soon kick off, and for a couple that loves road trips, sports, and FOOD, it creates an opportunity to combine the three into a weekly Friday “date night”!  Darren, my guy, laid awake one night hashing out this idea a month or so ago, and since then we have devised what we think is the perfect plan.

“What,” you ask, “Are we up to?”

We are going on a weekly adventure to find the BEST home-town CONCESSION STAND FOOD!

When I was a kid, growing up in Gruver, a very small town in the Texas panhandle, concession stand food, in my memory, was fabulous!  The baseball concession stand comes to mind with its homemade chili to top Frito pies.  You know the ones that scalded your hands because the bags of corn chips were just slit down the sides and topped with piping hot goodness.  In high school, I remember I couldn’t wait to play basketball in Sunray because they had the most delicious, juicy hamburgers.  When my kids and I moved to Panhandle, football season meant getting to devour the famous cheese on a stick.  Since that time, while pulling our weight in fundraising for clubs or raising our kids and attending various sporting events, Darren and I have eaten, for lack of a better word, TONS of concession stand food!  In our weekly escape, we will set out to taste-test the best of the best, visiting towns all over the state and making some awesome new memories.

Each Friday we will pick two or three (or more) concession stands to visit.  We will sample, fill out a scorecard, and report back on our blog the following Saturday.

Score Card

Pretty simple, but we also want it to be fun for the organizations that are running the stands. So we’re using the “food fight” to promote your club, school, etc.  You can invite us!  You can send recipes for us to post on the blog!  We will advertise  your specialty foods!  Right here on…

Food Fight Friday Night!

What could be better than writing about your best concession stand fare and hopefully sending more patrons your way to raise more money for the groups doing the work?

Each week you can visit this site, see pictures of our destinations and the delicious food we taste, and join in the fun!

We’ll kick off on Friday, September 7th!

Oh!  Check out the great recipe in the menu above!   😉

See you soon!

Darren and Cappi