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Week one of Food Fight Friday Night is complete!  Just remember as you’re following us, that fun is the goal as we describe food, places, and the people we meet along the way.  If you’re looking for poetic or perfect writing, this may not be your place. If entertainment, giggles, and some great concessions are what you need… smile, read on, share the news, and LIKE us everywhere you can, so we get LOTS OF FANS!

If you read the introduction to this year’s FFFN you know this came to me while not sleeping one night. We don’t have a plan, director, or producer. We just hop in the Buick that we fondly call “Buck” and drive ‘til we see lights or a game. (Hopefully, BUICK will advertise or link to our blog! LOL!) Usually we are heading somewhere in Texas, New Mexico, or wherever. We don’t have a set plan.  NONE!

I Mean NONE!

If we have to plan, it won’t be fun.  So, concessions stands, you won’t know we’re coming.

Neither will we… 🙂

Here is a little useless information.  I know I may look like Andrew Zimmer (minus the orange glasses), but I’m not.  I just had a checkup, and my doctor, who’s a friend of mine, said, “Hey dude, you need to lose a little weight. Why don’t you eat a little better?” I told him about this idea, saying, “Doc, I think I’ll be eating pretty well.”  He agreed!  Also, my memory is as long as my hair!  If I forget a name or misspell your name, it’s hereditary. That’s what I blame it on anyway.

We started off a little rough this week.  We forgot some essentials, like a knife, so we can cut off samples.  I did agree with the doc not eat the whole thing, although it has been really hard so far!  We forgot plastic trash bags, (see picture) hand and chin wipies, Pepto Bismol, Tums, or Rolaids.  (We hope you advertise or link someday! That’s the ONLY reason I brought those names up. Lol)  The food was way too good to need those things!  We also forgot a bib for me.  There is no pic for the obvious embarrassment reasons.  Those who know me understand.  Later my grandson said, “Poppy, you make a mess!”

We rolled into Childress, TX early. I mean EARLY.  Our mistake, but we thought, “Heck, we will beat the crowd.” Well, let me tell you, we BEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTT the crowd!  We were like the people that leave church while the preacher is praying before the invitation hymn, so they can beat the crowd to their favorite restaurant or get their favorite seat in Sunday school. But, you had your eyes open when the preacher said, “All heads bowed and all eyes closed,” so you saw them sneak out! That EEEEAAAARLY. I think you get the point.

So, Ms. Cindy, who runs the Childress concession stand, wasn’t ready for us. She was gracious!  I mean, man, GRACIOUS and SWEET.  Some of the things that are so good about small town concession stands are the people who work in them and for what cause. Childress’s stand is a fundraiser for the freshman class. People who work the stand don’t get to see the whole game. So thank them. It takes a lot of time.

On to the food!  Ms. Cindy gave me the concession stand favorite, the SAUSAGE WRAP. The wrap was FOR REAL!  It had a big piece of smoked sausage, the size of my wrist.  Man, it was good!  I wish I would have put onions and mustard on it, but it didn’t need it.  The wrap was one of those things I promised the doc I wouldn’t eat the whole thing, so I pulled it in half. (forgot the knife-see previous note and pics)  I would wrap it back up, and as we drove down the road, I would reach down into the floorboard, (pic!) unroll it, and take another bite.  Thank you, Ms. Cindy. I wish we could have tried the rest of your menu, and in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “We’ll be back!”

We thought we were just going to take our lump for being there early and drive on down the road, but as we were leaving the parking lot we saw a table lined with ladies dressed in the blue Bobcat colors.  It’s a good thing we saw them!  We pulled in front of a trailer rig already parked, and probably cut in front of them. Sorry, whoever you were. That was us. The Childress Women’s Council had concocted a table of goods.  Jay Hardin’s smoked, pulled pork sandwich, chips, (Lay’s, we hope you advertise or link us someday-see pic!) and a drink, all for seven bucks!  GREAT deal and a GREAT cause because this organization helps provide a shoe closet and school supplies for the community, and they raise money for scholarships as well.  Please support them in more ways than buying a sandwich when you get a chance.

Let’s get back to the food.  Jay, I don’t know what wood you smoked the pork with, and I don’t need too.  All I know is when I opened the wrapper…I gained a pound just by the smell.  Then I added the Flying V barque (I hate spelling barque.  Kinda’ like I hate spelling Albuque) sauce on it, and a few more pounds were added!  Sorry Doc. Cap asked the creator of that sweet ‘n tangy, delicious sauce if she would share her recipe on our blog.  Her quick reply, “Nope, but you can buy it in locations in Childress and way down the road in Stratford, TX!  Check that out when you get a chance!

We used the Lay’s potato chips (sponsor please) as a palate cleanser for the next stand. Can’t eat just one palate cleanser.

Oh well!





Next stop, Tokyo! That’s for my kids, if they read this dang thing. They’ll think that was funny, funny!

It was Quanah, TX.  We weren’t late to Quanah.  In the past, I had only driven through Quanah and knew nothing about the town, so when we pulled into the stadium, I saw that arrow in the ground and the word, “Indians,” and I didn’t have great hope for good food.  My history class in high school was a long time ago.  All I could think of was corn and buffalo. (tatonga)  I think that’s how it’s spelled.


The lady at the gate let us in free.  After hearing what we are up to with this food blog, she said, “Boy, I hope it’s good tonight!”   It was!  Ms. Melissa ran the stand. Quanah’s  proceeds go to THE PRIDE OF THE TRIBE QUANAH INDIANS BAND. They fed 76 band members that night! Good for you. The band members got a great, great burger.

Here is a little history.  Melissa and crew used the new grill for the first time that night.  They received many donations for the grill and the new cooler. So, from us for them, Thanks!

Those of you that grill know half the flavor from the grill is from the old previous smoke. NOT TONIGHT!  The burger was just like eating one from home. Better actually. It had a great, smoky taste and it was fresh. GOOD!






We try to ask someone at the stand to recommend the best thing on the menu or the specialty. Ms. Melissa said, “Tonight it is the Mexican stack!”  IT STACKED UP!  I mean, TALL. It was loaded with her specially seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, and jalapenos all over Fritos. (link and advertise, please)

Messy, delicious, satisfying,   …and we needed a nap!

The big hit for me was what the guy behind me in the line suggested.  I’m sorry I forgot his name.  Please see reference above about my memory and the length of my hair.  When you ask someone what they are going to eat and they say, “I’m gonna’ get three of them!” well, you better get one!  The chili cheese dog was the BOMB!  I love hot dogs.  I know my dogs. That was the whole litter of dogs!  That guy new the story too. The chili was the K&R restaurant recipe.  I am assuming it was a local joint.  BOW-WOW-WOW!  Fantastic, cheese drippin’ all over the dog, chili just the right consistency, not too thick, not too runny, PERFECT chili cheese dog! We ate that too fast to get a picture!

Childress, you were at a disadvantage on Friday. That was our fault, and as promised, we will be back to have another taste!



That said.  Quanah won Week One of FOOD FIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT!   

See you next week!


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