To Interstate 40 and Beyond!

Travel Kit!  We are much more prepared!

As you can tell, useless information is what I’m full of. (Never end a sentence with a preposition). I used to call someone on a land line and ask,  “Mr. So and So, is such and such there?”  He would reply, “No.” I would respond, “Where’s he at?”  He would say, “Between the A and T.” I never knew what that meant.  Still don’t.

Useless information#1:  A guy said, “Hey dude, what makes you a food critic?”  Good question.  We are not critics. But…I am world famous (primarily to children under the age of 8) for making THE WORLD’S BEST PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH.  See, I mix the peanut butter with…can’t tell you. That’s the secret.  If you have seen me make it, then you know.  I made a PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH FOR THE QUEEN OF ENGLUND.  (Not England.  That’s a whole different story). That’s where the credentials come from…

The very best thing about this blog is meeting people.  Meeting people makes us happy.  Set aside personal or political views and focus on FOOD.  Now that’s what it is all about. Everybody eats something.  You go to a Friday night football game, and people come from everywhere.  The concession stand may be THE meal for Friday.  Man, we have had some gooood fooood!

Useless information #2:  Remember the hair thing…useless info, but it explains a lot if I met you and forgot your name.

This week we rolled up in the fantastic town of Shamrock.                   

The guys at the gate let us in for free! We didn’t know they were hungry. 😊 Maybe they already heard about the blog.  LOL!!!


We met two fantastic people at the concession stand.  Cathy Blain was one of those people. She has worked in the stand for 8 years, and she is retired Navy. Nuff said.  Thank you for your service!  Then, we met Charlene Poole.  I can’t really single out Charlene because all the Pooles are on the “paytold.”  If you don’t know what that means, then good, you don’t want to know, but the Pooles have been manning the concession stand for the last few years.  The cause for the concession stand is for the Fighting Irish Band.

The menu was large, but we settled on the sausage-on-a-stick and THE chili cheese burger.


I hate to steal words from another person, but… it was the Bomb. THE chili cheese burger was the best.  I’m not kidding, THE best I have had so far.  It was not sloppy.  Most burgers like this have chili that runs down my arm and shirt. (Tide Stain Stick, we need a sponsor 😊).  That kind of sloppy burger has absolutely no taste because you are eating so fast to keep the stuff off you.  It’s not enjoyable.  You’ve been there.  Shamrock’s had just enough chili that it was in each and every single bite.  And, the mustard!  It was the same, just enough so I got a bit of mustard with every bite.  DELISH!  Patent that burger.  I didn’t eat it all, (Doc’s orders!) so we shared with the gatekeepers.

Future gatekeepers keep that in mind!

This week’s palate cleanser! Shamrock’s buttery, salty popcorn.  Yum!

Next stop Toyoko!   Meet Buck!                 



No, It was Lefors.           

The last time I was in LEFORS,  I was like 8.  My little private school played them in football.  My brother-in-law was the quarterback. We called him “Roger.” Not Staubach, just ROGER.  That is a whole other story. We solved ancient mysteries while we were in Lefors.  The first mystery was the location of the stadium.  This is not a crack at Lefors.  It is a crack on our stupidity.  I think we drove through the entire of town of Lefors while the Australian accented guy on the GPS kept telling us we were in, his pronunciation not mine, LEFFERS.  Then we opened our eyes and read the sign telling us where the stadium was located.  We were there 15 minutes before “lightbulb” shined!  Just so you know, those of you traveling up and down I-40, the construction zone has even spread to Lefors!

Mystery #2 was the actual pronunciation of Lefors.  We took it from the pit masters and volunteer firemen, Craig Seely and Sy Brown.  If the fire chief says it is pronounced one way, then that’s the way for me.  I always thought it was LEEEfors.  Nope!  It’s LAAAfors.  That’s the way I understood it.

On to the food!

Craig and Sy turned it on. They had help from the one I guess was really running the show, Bridgette Parks, president of the athletic Booster Club who takes careof the Pirate concession stand.  These guys got it going on.  Besides the concession they cook brisket all year round.  The concession menu short list was over-the -grill quesadillas, beef, or chicken. They also had burgers, dogs, and baked potatoes.  I’m sorry we can’t try it all even though I WANT TOO.  Dang it, Doc!  We had the chicken quesadillas which were perfectly cheesy and full of tasty shredded chicken.  We LOVED the chili, cheese, baked potato.  Bridgette suggested the loaded fries but the baked sounded soooo good, and she loaded it with creamy butter and topped it with sour cream.  I also added (I call in hot sauce.) Picante, and it just all melted in my mouth!  Sorry, Doc!


I also had a Ring Pop (You don’t get one of those every day.) for dessert.

We had the best shout out FFFN!!! See video.  Thanks guys!  Click the link!        IMG_1167


Let’s go to Pampa.  

Man, Oh Man, Oh Man!  Have you ever heard of the Fair?  Well the fair ain’t got nothing on Pampa.  I mean Nothing! When we were young the Tri-State fair was a big, big thing.  Still, to this day, people go to the fair for the food.  You want fair food?  Go to Pampa on home game nights.  Funnel cakes, fried Oreos, walking tacos, and pulled pork tacos. We tasted the previous two.    

The walkers were loaded with everything taco and very tasty and filling.  Nacho Cheese Doritos were the perfect vehicle!  The pulled pork tacos were made of fresh, soft-corn tortillas and topped with homemade slaw.  They also had a choice of sauces, mild to HOT!  There were tents with burgers, corn-on-the-cob, and cotton candy.

We also sampled bunuelos, fried flour tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar,   and we horchata, a Mexican milk concoction.  Both were deeelicious!  What a Fantastic, Fantastic idea!  Each and every booster club, wrestling, volleyball, softball, soccer, band, you name the booster club, everyone had a booth to raise funds for their group.  And, the food was Wooooonderfuuuuuulll! We couldn’t get to everything, but we will be back!


Winners tonight:

Beast (BEST) Burger: Shamrock

The BEST Choices: Pampa, I’m thinking you might win it all.  We will see!

Our choice and overall winner: LAAAfors loaded baked potato.

P.S.  The queen of Englund never showed up for her world’s best PB&J.  That was rude…..

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