Well, I’m happy!  Clap along if   you   thought   the   hamburger   was good!  Clap clap clappity-clap!

Clap along   cause   the   chili was   real food!  Clap along   cause the people    do not frown.

Clap clap clappity-clap!  Clap along   cause we   found   the stadium   in town.  Cause I’m happy!

(It’s hard to type rhythm!)

I didn’t use the British guy one time.  No ranting this time.


Damn train…

Oh, yeah!  No ranting because we’re HAPPY!



What a town, Happy, TX!  Where else and how else would you want to be other than Happy!

Good folks, good food.

Burger hot off the grill.Fresh veggies.  Tomatos!  I’m not running for VP. (Remember Dan Quayle?)  But, they looked and tasted like tomatoes.  Onions.  Fresh-peeled, right off the head lettuce. Whole pieces of lettuce.  Not the shredded kind.  Pickles and jalapenos, if you wanted, and cooked from the heart by people that cared.

Nachoes, yes nachos, again not running for VP, were good.  I actually ate all of them.  The chili had real meat!  The cheese was not plastic-y .

Even the bottom chips had meat and cheese on them.                                                              Good job, Happy!

Thank you!  Thank You!  Thank You!  So far, as of today, we have had 2200 views of this blog.  That kind of blows our minds.  So, we have set our goal for 100 MIIIILLLLIIIOOONNN views!  (I watched Goldfinger on a recent sleepless night.)  You see, “they “say that we could get 1 cent per view.  So THAT, would make us a cool mil.  I’m not of that.  You better check my math.  So, share us with your friends and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to the blog. It‘S FREE!  We know absolutely nothing about blogging or what we are doing!  But, if you subscribe, you can give us your opinions and let us know where you would like us to go next.  I keep telling Cap that I want to find a concession stand at high school football game that has Chinese food.  She calls b.s. on that, BUUUTTT if you knew where that stand was, we could go!  When we introduce people to the blog, they love the idea.  And, everyone has a favorite place from when they were in high school.  SUBSCRIBE and give us your opinions and suggestions.


Last Friday night’s weather was crazy.  As we headed south, we drove directly into stormy weather.  We were headed to Kress.  Kress, when we get there we are expecting something Kangaroo!  The game got called due to weather….”lemons”.  Next time, Kress!



We kept asking each other, “What should we do?  Where should we go?”  We had a lemons.  No where to go ’til we got to Tulia.  We needed gas, so we made the circle back to the Pilot station.  As we did, we saw a restaurant that was open.  “Let’s go there after gas.”  While we were filling up, I put the squeegee shine to the windshield just like NASCAR and the guy that USED TO BE at the gas station!

When I was a kid, (And, I am assuming most of you guys reading this are Caps’ age!) there was ACTUALLY  a guy, at the “SERVICE STATION”, who would put gas IN not ON the car for FREE!  He would check your oil and clean your windshield.  He never left a smudge. Man was fast and good!  I used to watch from the back seat in admiration while Mom got $5.00, yes $5.00, worth of gas in the station wagon to last all week.

As we walked into the restaurant, the one we saw on the turn, at 7:45, they informed us they were closed! Lemons!

As we were leaving, I asked Cap if she had ever been to the El Camino.  Of course! Eeeevvvverryyyone from Gruver has been to El Camino.

So off we go!


“Don’t Touch the plate.  It’s hot.”  When you hear these words you know pretty much what you’re eating….

I don’t care what “they” say, change ain’t always good.  Don’t move my cheese.  EL CAMINO did NOT move the cheese. It’s time for a little history here.  El Camino opened 50 years ago.  The original building was the Conoco station in town.  Delta Lee McClure opened the El Camino, and it’s been in the family ever since.  Gayle McClendon is running things for the family now.  Justin, a family member and excellent waiter,gave us the history low down.  The cooks have been there 35 years, Bobby Sanchez and Linda Busbealle.  That’s what a person wants.  They want to go in, sit down , order the #6, and it comes out the #6 every single time because Bobby and Linda know how to make it and still love doing it. Whew! That was a long one.  We, of course, had the chili relleno plate!  They use Keeter’s meat, which is locally owned.  Hot Sauce, what we call it up in these parts, is homemade and faaaaannnnnttttttassstiiiicccc!  It’s hot.  Go figure.  Those exxxxcccceeellllennnnt rellenos they have are hand battered, no matter what any one else says.  Just ask Justin.  They have to make extra’s this time of year for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  Check out the art work in El Camino too!  Most all of it is Kenneth Wyatt’s work.  Beautiful.  If you haven’t been there in a while, I highly suggest making a trip.

Thank you, El Camino, for not changing your home goodness food.


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