Chasing the Holy Grail/Mid-Season Recap

rThere must be a concession stand in the great state of Texas that serves some kind of Chinese food.  I don’t know why I am convinced, and I am on a mission to find that stand, but I am.  I thought we were on the way to the holy grail when we passed a temple Friday night while driving the Loop around Amarillo.  We weren’t.  I also thought we were going to Dallas.  We weren’t.  I was confused and lost all night long.  Cap said she had a surprise for me.  I thought Chinese food was the surprise.

We arrived at HIGHLAND PARK around 7:15. We left the house at 7:05.   That should have been my first clue.  But, my eyes got REAL BIG when we passed the temple.  All I could think of was crab wontons made from fresh crab meat from Boston and deep fried in a wonton. (I think that’s what it is, a wonton.)  One thing you need to know about Cap is she knows everyone from a small town.  I don’t think Michelle DeShong was from a small town, but Cap knew her. She was in the HP concession stand which was a fund raiser for Junior Class.

We ordered the Chinese chili cheese dog and a pickle made from a Chinese sea cucumber.  (Not really, but you see what was on my mind!)

Both were good!  The chili cheese dog was the perfect concession stand fare, hot (off the grill, we thought) and covered with tasty chili and cheese.  Do you notice I always add jalapenos?

Here’s a couple of odd, random thoughts.  Why is there not Chinese cheese?  There is American, Italian, Mexican, Swiss, Cream, German, Goat, Irish cheddar, Muenster, the French make a lot of cheese, Greek’s, and even Cottage.  You just don’t hear about Chinese cheese. What would it be called?  There are probably touswands of Chinese cheeses, but you don’t see them in United or World Market!

(That was too funny to correct my typo, so I left it.)

The reason I wanted to get the pickle was two-fold.  First, we never think about getting one and the second, because I saw this adorable kid missing his two front teeth.  When you bite into a GOOD, DILL pickle, it makes a crack, AAANNNDDD it makes your face go inside out!   Want to make it better?  Sprinkle Tabasco on it before the next bite.  There’s nothing cuter than a snaggle toothed kid sticking the WHOLE pickle in the side of his mouth and tearing off a hunk like someone tearing off a piece of beef jerky.  That sideways bite mark makes me laugh every time.  Picture that! (That was the other random thought)


Next stop Tokyo!  (for my kids again and my thought process of the night)



My eyes got big, and my hopes were high again when we saw Godzilla at the game.

Finally, Chinese food!  Nope.  But, The Road has a fantastic selection of foods! Hamburgers, hot dogs, 3 kinds of Pizza Planet Pizza, popcorn, pretzels, fries, caramel apples, and much more.  We met some great people there!  Stephanie took our order and Lori Peterson, representing the River Road Booster Club, offered to be our blog contact.  For the first time, we found a guy who would share the food with us, so we weren’t so tempted to eat the whole darn thing!  We settled on a pretzel, cheese pizza, and DDDEEEELLLLUUUX French fries.  The cheese pizza was classic PP Pizza.

Always good.   The pretzel filled up the entire plate.  I know, Doc.  You said to cut out the salt, but it is a MMMUUSST on a pretzel.  Then, add cheese sauce and mustard, Mmmmmm!

Loaded fries, and loaded says it all.  Crispy fries covered in nacho cheese and chili.  Then they asked, “Do you want bacon on that?”  DUH!  If someone asked, “Do you want bacon on that bug?” I would say, “%$^#, yes!”  There are two ingredients any chef should not have to ask if you want, BACON AND EXTRA BUTTER!  DUH!  Pile it on!  They did.  Add jalapenos, and M-O-M (man-o-man)!

Get you some of that!

Great job, Road!

Recap for the last 5 weeks’ most memorable foods:

Childress: sausage wrap        Quanah: chili cheese dog and Mexican stack

Lefors: Baked potato       Shamrock: chili cheese burger      Pampa: Variety

Panhandle: corn dog and fried cheese

White Deer: fries      Logan: hot chocolate       Gruver: Homecoming chili supper

Happy: cheeseburger   Highland Park: pickle    River Road: loaded fries   EL Camino: ’nuff said


Top 3 so far, in no particular order:

Quanah:  If the lights are on, you need to stop for food!

Pampa:  Couldn’t eat it all.  SOOO many things to choose from.

Lefors:  Hidden Jewel.  I think there is a lot more there, and I want to eat the grill master’s foods!


P.S.    Cheese wontons!  I forgot.

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  1. Since Texas is so big, and you are just two people tucked away in the Panhandle, maybe you should enlist friends to visit other parts and send in their favorites (with pictures). Just a thought!

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